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Discover the best of your new city with our insider local recommendations and guides.

New York

Iconic. Majestic. Grand. Romantic. With acres of personality to the square inch, New York is a melting pot of originality and chutzpah.

Los Angeles

Rugged canyons. Glittering oceans. An exuberant art scene. Hipster neighborhoods. Miles of hiking and biking trails, and, of course, the endless year-round sunshine.

San Francisco

Famed for its majestic Golden Gate, the year-round fog, its colorful Victorian architecture and a creative approach to life that means hippies, hipsters and hi-tech fields all call it home.

Free 30-Day SIM Card

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Education and Childcare

When moving to a new country with your family, navigating parenting decisions around childcare and school choice can be overwhelming. Let us help.